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African American Heritage Trail Martha's Vineyard

In honor of Dr Martin Luther King. ...

In honor of Dr Martin Luther King.

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African American Heritage Trail Martha's Vineyard

Check out the Trail.

Point B Realty LLC Martha's Vineyard
Vineyard Bucket List: The @African American Heritage Trail Martha's Vineyard has reached two important milestones this year. The Trail and its interactive documenting of the rich history of African Americans on Martha’s Vineyard has turned 20, and the group just dedicated and added its 30th historic site to the Heritage Trail.

What began as a community history project to bring some of the rich history of African Americans on the Vineyard into the Martha's Vineyard schools has now evolved into one of the hottest tickets on Martha's Vineyard. And it's an experience that belongs on everyone's Vineyard Bucket List. Our guide is Guinevere Cramer - www.pointbrealty.com/blog/african-american-heritage-trail-of-marthas-vineyard/

I have heard from Carrie Camillo Tankard that the plaque honoring Rebecca, the Woman from Africa has apparently been removed from its site on the land bank property at Great Bight Reserve. I am actually in Ireland, and can't check but we should get information on this as soon as possible. If anyone feels like taking a nice winter walk at Great Bight to check on the situation, we would be most appreciative or if you have any information that would help us please contact me on fb message ...

Contact: Richard Paradise Elaine Cawley Weintraub
Executive Director 508 693 4361
MV Film Society

Sponsored by the African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard

Irish film BLACK 47 tells the real story of the Irish potato famine.
The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society will present an exclusive screening of the Irish film BLACK 47 on Wednesday, November 28th at 7.30 pm in the MV Film Center.
Opening reception in the film center lobby beginning at 6:45p.m. Join Elaine Cawley Weintraub, Lara O’Brien, and Liam O’Callaghan in an authentic experience of Irish art, history and story telling and enjoy a glass of Baileys and some Irish food! The introduction to the film will be given by Dr. Weintraub, an Irish cultural historian.
This thrilling drama is set during the years of the Great Famine in Ireland, and shows authentic images of the catastrophic events and their impact on both Ireland and the United States. The Famine in Ireland cost the country one quarter of the population and began the exodus to the United States. Learn how the story of desperate emigration played out on Martha’s Vineyard where a Famine ship wrecked on Muskeget. Learn the names of those victims, and trace their tragic journey.
Irish critics have said “this film deserves its spot among the memorable films of 2018" (RTÉ), and the Irish Independent calls it “an admirable attempt to go where no one has gone before”
BLACK 47 sees the famine not as a sorrowful tragedy, but as a matter of criminal constitutional negligence, with colonial rulers creating a serf class of disenfranchised tenant farmers, whose product was exported and who were made dependent for subsistence on a single, blight-vulnerable strain of potato. (The Guardian)
One man's ruthless pursuit of justice plays out against the darkest chapter of Irish history in this riveting revenge thriller (Rotten Tomatoes).

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African American Heritage Trail Martha's Vineyard

Touring the Trail with the vineyard charter school. October 23 2018 ...

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